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Akatsuki - Don't Stop

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Naruto the Movie: The Last

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“If we all give up and discard those words and feelings, Neji’s final act will have been for nothing. And that is when…your comrades truly die! For you are then no longer comrades. That’s…how I feel. So, stand with me, Naruto. Because never going back on one’s word…is my Ninja way too!”

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No matter what.

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Projected horoscopes of the month


AQUARIUS: you need to eat more ass
PISCES: you need to eat more ass
ARIES: you need to eat more ass
TAURUS: you need to eat more ass
GEMINI: you need to eat more ass
CANCER: you need to eat more ass
LEO: you need to eat more ass
VIRGO: you need to eat more ass
LIBRA: you need to eat more ass
SCORPIO: you need to eat more ass
SAGITTARIUS: you need to eat more ass
CAPRICORN: you need to eat more ass

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Dear you,
Anonymous whispered: why do you ship sasusaku? you hate sakura. if you only ship it for naruhina gtfo of our fandom.


I do not hate Sakura, nor do I support SS just for it being the counterpart to NH, I would have gladly given you an explanation but since you were rude: fuck you, you anonymous piece of shit. Have a nice day being the cancer of whatever it is you support :)

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